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Automatic Drip/Sprinkle Irrigation System Kit Watering Timer Rechargable Battery

  • $25.72

Product operation:
1. Outdoor use in the room or covered by objects, but not in the water。
2. This unit has a built-in 3.7V lithium battery. It displays on when charging, and displays full oF (oFF). When low voltage, it displays Lo (Low) and flashes。
3.DAY button adjustable watering time interval (calculated by day): 0-9 cycles, 0 does not work, 1 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) represents every 1 (2,3, 4,5,6,7,8,9) Watering the day. Press and hold the DAY button to directly water, then press any button to stop watering。
4.The TIME button adjusts the working time of each watering: 0-99 seconds loop, 00 does not work. Long press to quickly adjust。
5.Automatically watering the flowers 3 seconds after adjustment, press any button during the watering process to stop watering immediately; press DAY or TIME button to maintain the previous settings without adjustment, and do not water this time 。

Product parameters:
1. Material: ABS
2. Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery
3. Working temperature: 0℃~50℃
4. Working power: 4W
5. Operating Voltage: 3.7V
6. Color: White
7. Working Mode: Automatic
8. Battery Capacity: 2000mah
9. Style:
 A - Dripping Mode
 B - Sprinkling Mode

1x Smart Watering Controller
1x 2.5m Water Pipe
5x Three-way Tap
2x Insert Arrow
1x Hook
1x Smart Watering Controller
1x 2.5m Water Pipe
4x Insert Arrow
1x Hook

1. Lithium battery powered.
2. Adjust the potting distance according to the actual potting position.
3. Easy to install, the whole process requires only a pair of scissors to cut the pipe.
4. The product can be potted at a height of about 1 meter (placed in the ground or hung on the balcony railing), which can water two pots at the same time.
5. Do not need to connect the faucet, do not worry about water leakage, use ordinary buckets or large-capacity mineral water bottles.

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