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Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Biochemical Sponge Foam Oxygen Fry Air Pump Filtration

  • $10.13

Product Name: Sponge filter
Material: Foam
Color: Black
XY-180: Approx. 95x65mm / 3.74"x2.36"
XY-280: Approx. 93x75mm / 3.66"x2.95"
XY-380: Approx. 140x75mm / 5.51"x2.95"
XY-180: Small size is suitable for 10 to 20 gallons (45~90L)
XY-280: Medium size is suitable up to 40 gallons (180L)
XY-380: Large size is suitable up to 60 gallons (270L)

- The use of environmentally friendly high-level sponge as a filter, the use of the air pump (to be purchased separately) outlet access to the goods can be air intakes.
- To ensure efficient nitrifying bacteria culture, to achieve clean and good water quality stability, effective oxygen and water quality filtration.
- Ultra-fine filter holes can effectively filter harmful bacteria and suspended solids, keep the water clean and thorough.
- Increase oxygen, fully dissolved oxygen pump into the fish tank to improve fish survival.
Working Principle:
Biochemical cotton filter to air pump as the power source, improve water dissolved oxygen and bacteria, combined with mechanical filtration, biological filtration principle and the use of multi-level filtration culture of high-density nitrifying bacteria group, to clean and good water quality stability, suitable for all kinds of Ornamental fish breeding, breeding, young fish to develop, especially for the Discus fish, small fish, fry effect is remarkable.
- Increase the amount of water-soluble feed gas, saving electricity
- Can be used with the cylinder, plug, the top of the filter to do the exquisite pre-filter
- Cylindrical full range of biological and chemical filtration cotton no dead angle effect
- Multi-layer sponge design, can be continued cleaning, shift cylinder does not affect water quality
- All models are compatible with the flexibility to use accessories

Package Included:
1x Sponge Filter

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