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Aqara Smart Door Lock NFC Card Portable Security Mobile Phone Controllable Door Lock Card

  • $24.23


1. Aqara smart door lock, NFC card. Support Aqara smart door lock with NFC function. Aqara smart door lock N100, both convenient and safe, smart door lock power. Aqara smart door lock N200 has passed Apple HomeKit certification and won the 2020 German iF Design Award. Aqara smart camera door lock P100, the guardian of home security, ultra-wide-angle video intercom, stay detection reminder, abnormal state photo alarm.

2. Anti-copy, financial-level security protection. Different from the common previous generation ID and M1 banned cards, the Aqara smart NFC card is a CPU card. The powerful microprocessor performs data algorithms and storage, which is difficult to crack and cannot be copied, and its security is greatly improved. Built-in EAL .5 + financial grade chip Each NFC physical card has a built-in EAL .5+ grade security chip to ensure that the secret key information is safely stored in the card. One card, one certificate corresponds to encryption, each NFC physical card is preset with a public key certificate, and the card number certificate corresponds to one, strictly encrypted, which can effectively prevent others from copying.

3. Don't be afraid of losing, delete the key card on your phone. If the door card is accidentally lost, it can be deleted directly on the phone to avoid security risks. When deleting the door card, the mobile phone needs to be directly connected to the door lock Bluetooth; after the door card is deleted by mistake, it can be re-bound.







CPU Card

Security Level

EAL 5+




1. The security level of common bank cards is EAL5+ and above.

2. Aqara smart i door lock NFC card supports one-to-one pairing, and two door locks cannot be connected at the same time.

3. Each door lock supports up to 25 NFC devices to access at the same time.

Package Included:

1 X

Aqara Smart Door Lock

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