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Anti-Gravity Suspension Magnet Kits Baseplate Physics Experiment DIY Science Toy

  • $9.98

This anti-gravity magnet is designed to conduct some experiments about magnet.

Material: Plastic
Support Arm, Baseplate, Enclosure, Weighing Pan, Thin Rod With Ring, Round Shape Rod, Hexagonal Rod, Pointer, Axle, String, Copper Washer, String Attachment, UFO Body, Sticker, Graphic Template, Ring Magnets, Nuts

Some experiments you can do:
Anti-gravity sculpture:

Equipment required from kit: baseplate, support arm, 2 x magnets, string attachment, 10 x nuts, string
1.Insert the arm into the hale at the end of the baseplate.
2.Push a magnet onto the end of the arm, and attach other magnet under the first (this will only work if the second magnet has its colours the same way up as the first magnet, so that the magnets attract each other).
3.Cut a piece of string about 25cm long. Tie one end to the nut. Attract the nut to the magnet.
4.Push the other end of the string down through the string attachment. Attach the string attachment to the baseplate.
5.Pull the string through it until the nut movesaway from the magnet. Don’t pull too far, or the nuts will fall. Now the nut dangles in the midair as it if it is defying the gravity.
6. Now, one by one, add more nuts to the first to build a sculpture that hands upside down! You could add more magnets at the top to increase the strength of the magnetic attraction (you’ll need to adjust the length of the string to do this). You could also replace the nuts with any small metal objects from home, such as nails and screws .

A magnet has two poles, known as the north pole and south pole. These are represented by the red (for north) and blue (for south) parts of the ring magnet casings.

Package Included:
1 x Support Arm
1 x Baseplate
1 x Enclosure
1 x Weighing Pan
1 x Thin Rod With Ring
1 x Round Shape Rod
1 x Hexagonal Rod
1 x Pointer
1 x Axle
1 x String
1 x Copper Washer
1 x String Attachment
1 x UFO Body
1 x Sticker
1 x Graphic Template
7 x Ring Magnets
10 x Nuts
(Adhesive tape is also required but not included)

More Details:

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