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Anti Bark Control Collar 7 Gears Sensitivity Waterproof USB Rechargeable LCD

  • $31.70

1. Function: power off + vibration + sound + sensitivity adjustment
2. All functions of the product are digital display gear
3. The product uses a USB charging plug and the built-in microphone is triggered
4. Sound or vibration, 8 gear adjustment (0~7), is adjusted to 0, which is to close this function, and the sensitivity of 7 gears (1~7) is convenient for human customers.
5. Digital 7 display of battery power.
6. The product can be recharged repeatedly.
7. The product uses a large capacity lithium battery can reach 60 days super long standby.
8. The maximum diameter of dog belt is 35CM, with the minimum of up to 6CM for all dogs.
9. We advise cutting part of the long hair to ensure the efficiency of the product (for a small number of large dogs).
10. This product can be waterproof.
11. Easy and convenient to test the functionality and sensitivity by blowing.
1. Stop the dog barking by increasing the ultrasonic humanity.
2. Ultrasonic emission function can gently affect the dog. The harsh beep sounds to stimulate the dog to stop calling.
3. Some dogs take effect for 7-14 days, and most dogs take 4-6 weeks to have an effect. A small number of dog breeds take longer to get used to. It can't be changed. It can only be replaced by another habit.
Package Included:
1x Anti Bark Control Collar
1x Instruction Manual
1x USB Cable

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