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AD 28.5mm Waste Water Outlet Hose Drain Pipe Connectors For Motorhome/Caravan

  • $9.19

#1: Connector: AD 15.8-13-13mm Hose length: 15cm
#2: Connector: AD 21.2-15.8-15.8mm Hose length: 15cm
#3: Connector: AD 28.5-21.2-21.2mm Hose length: 15cm

1. Durable TPE material.
2. The flexible plastic is corrugated to prevent kinking and crimping.
3. Used as drainpipe connector, perfect for water drain.
4. Compatible with caravans with 2 waste outlets for draining wastewater.
5. Can be used in family, industry, car, sewer.
6. Easy to install.

Package Included:

1 x Waste Water Drain Connector
3 x Hose

More Details:

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