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ABS Wine Bottle Combination Password Lock Liquor Whiskey Stopper Seal Plug Cap Preservation Fresh

  • $10.77

Material: ABS
Inner Diameter: 28.5mm
Outer Diameter: 44.5mm
Height: 46mm
1. A code lock which can lock the mouth of the red wine bottle, keep the red wine in bottle fresh.(Not vacuum seal)
2. Great for preventing children, teens or roommates drinking your booze,safeguard your wine and liquor at home.
3. Leak-proof locking cap, preserve wine for another day with a saver cork.
4. Fits most of wine and beer bottles as well as some liquor bottles. (but please refer to the dimensions first)
5. Cool and useful gadget, good gift choice for your friends
How to set the new combination:
The default combination is 0-0-0. To set your own combination, please follow these steps:
1. Press the top button to spring open the lock;
2. Press down and turn right the combination resetter;
3. Set your desired personal combination by turning the dials;
4. Set the resetter to the original place.
How to use the lock:
1. Put the lock over the stopper. Lock the lid and scramble the dials to lock it.
2. Turn the dials, aligh the number to the middle convex line. To the button to open the lock.
Pcakage Included:
1 x Wine Bottle Combination Lock

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