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A4 Size Screen Printing Frames Fittings 32T/43T/55T/77T Mesh Count Screenprinting

  • $34.69

Type: Screen Printing Frame
Material: Wood, Mesh
Frame Thickness: 23mm
Size: fit A4 Paper
Internal measurements: 340 x 240mm
External measurements: 400mm x 300mm

Mesh Count:
Type Name
#1(A432T) 32T - Printing on fabric. Great for letting more ink through the screen. We use it a lot for lighter inks on darker fabrics.
#2(A443T) 43T - Printing on fabric. The most commonly used mesh count. Start here. Perfect for printing T Shirts, garments etc.
#3(A455T) Printing on fabric. There's no a lot of jobs you can't do on 43t, but when you have a little finer detail, 55t is great.
#4(A477T) Printing on fabric. Card and paper. Finer detail designs.

Package Included:
1 x Screen Printing Frame

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