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95Pcs Drip Irrigation System Micro Drip Irrigation Kit DIY Patio Plant Watering Kit Garden Irrigation System 30m Hose

  • $33.20

Color: Show as the picture
Hose Length: 30m
Material: PVC+ABS
Ideal for: Hanging Baskets, Pot Plants, Flower Beds, Borders, Greenhouses, etc..

-Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants.
-Brings much fun in watering garden or potted plants.
-No water wasting, feed the plant to its best demand.
-Cut The Hose Yourself, Suit Measures To Local Conditions With Fixed Stem, More Applicable.
-Water plants with one turn of the tap.Water without waste.
-Slow and even watering promotes growth and does not disturb soil.
-Automatic watering and time saving, you don't have to worry about your plants whether you are at home or not.
-Great for agriculture, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse ,swimming pool misting fog cooling/irrigation, watering, greenhouse, humidification, balcony cooling, irrigation (watering flowers, grass, vegetables).

Package Included:
1 x 30m Hose
1 x Tefion Tape
1 x Universal Faucet Connecton
1 x Threaded Faucet Connector
1 x Tubing QuictConnector
30 x Barbed Tee
30 x Red Adjustable Dripper
30 x Tubing Holder Stakes

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