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9-Gears USB Charging Electric Pulse Back And Neck Massager Fitness Muscle Pain Relief Tool Health Care Cervical Massager

  • $25.57



Type A -Not heated style

Type B - Heated style

Power mode
Charging type
Control mode
Where to apply
The neck
Kneading, tapping, pulse, acupuncture, free mode
Massage contacts
Applicable group
10 years old and above
Rated input
Rated power
9 gears
Battery capacity
1200mah(It lasts a week on a single charge)
Usage time
Recommended 15 minutes per session, 1 hour for full charge, 5-7 days.


- U-shaped neck, double clamp design, adjustable elastic arm hanging electrode, neck thickness can be worn.

- 3D suspended electrode sheet can effectively promote blood circulation and relieve cervical stiffness and pain, bringing professional massage experience.

- A low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic current is passed through the skin to prevent muscle stiffness, soreness and other conditions by activating human cells.

- Upgrade the skin-friendly silicone material, create the body bracket, gently fit the neck skin, better avoid the tingling feeling brought by electrical pulse, more comfortable to wear.

- When the electrode does not touch the skin, it will shut down automatically after 30 seconds.

- Continuous vibration, strength can be controlled.

- Built-in NTC sensor, intelligent temperature control, ensure hot compress, relax muscles.

- Remote control handle control, more convenient to use.

Package included:

1 x Cervical Massager

1 x USB Cable

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