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8x90cm Car Rear Bumper PVC Rubber Protector Cover Sill Plate Trunk Pad Trim

  • $10.28

The modified PVC sealing strips are all made of 100% brand new raw rubber, adding certain nitrile rubber powder, so that PVC is modified to have good elasticity, large pulling force and greatly improve the service life of PVC sealing strip. The factory guarantees to all major users that the raw materials are all produced with new materials. The factory guarantees that the sealed strips produced will not contain recycled materials such as recycled materials, doll materials and wire skins. Ensure product quality and safety.

Material: PVC rubber
Hardness: 50-90 Shore Hardness
Uses: Protection Anti-collision Protection
Color: Red / Black / Blue / Black+red
Size: 8cmx0.9m
A: Black 8cm x 0.9m
B: Blue 8cm x 0.9m
C: Red 8cm x 0.9m
D: Black and Red 8cm x 0.9m

1. Good insulation, certain flame retardancy, small compression deformation and strong resilience;
2. The surface is flat;
3. Alkali resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic;
4. Good surface layer is not sticky;
5. It adopts 100% high-quality rubber raw materials and has been strictly tested to meet environmental protection requirements.

Package Included:
1 x Car Trunk Bumper
1 x Tape

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