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8Pcs Steam Cleaner Mop Pads Replacement Clothes Micro Fibre Washer Cleaning

  • $25.72

- Replace your worn out and overused cleaning pads with this Pack of 8 Steam Cleaner Mop Replacement Cloths and maintain your cleaning power!
- This four pack steam cleaner replacement cloths are dependable, durable and handy.
- You’ll always have a spare set on hand so you’ll never need to sacrifice cleanliness for the sake of convenience.
- These replacement cloth pads are suited for 1500W steam cleaners and are completely machine-washable for extended use.
- Plus the cleaning pads are made of micro fibre material making them plush, durable and easy to clean.
- Each pad has a pull-string tie for a nice, tight fit on the base of your steam mop.
- Use them again and again to keep your home sparkling clean!

Colour: White
Material: Micro Fibre
Size: Approx. 29x24x24cm / 11.41x9.44x9.44inch
- Pack of 8 Cleaning Steam Cleaning Mop Cloths.
- Suited for 1500W Steam Cleaning Mops.
- Pull String for Mop Base Securing.
- Made of Durable, Soft Micro Fibre.
- Cloths are Machine Washable.
Package Included:
8 Pcs x Steam Cleaning Mop Cloths

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