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7th Fitness Stretch Band Rubber Resistance Bands Body Beauty Muscle Trainer Belt

  • $25.66

Brand 7th
Item 7thFitness Resistance BandFrom Xiaomi Youpin
Material Natural rubber
Color Purple: ForZero-based People
Back: For a certain fitness foundation people
Green:Provide high strength resistance
Size Purple: 208*1.3*0.45cm
Black: 208*1.9*0.45cm
Green: 208*2.1*0.45cm

- Body beauty, exercise strength, flexible and convenient.
- Good for hand, arm, waist, leg, footexercise.
- For buttocks lifting, waist and leg s limming.
- For home, office, gym room and outdoor.

1. Clean
Can be washed directly, dry with a dry cloth, unfolded to dry, so as not to paste
2. Maintenance
Long-term use, can be evenly applied with body powder, put into a sealed bag
Store in a cool place and avoid sun exposure

Package Including:
1 x
7thFitness Resistance Band

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