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5mm 48 Colors DIY Fuse Beads Toys Kids Creative Handmade Craft DIY Toy Gift

  • $32.00

5mm 48 Colors DIY Fuse Beads Toys Kids Creative Handmade Craft DIY Toy Gift
Material: EVA
Color: 48 Colors
Beads size: 5mm x 4.5mm
Box size: 190mm x 127mm x 30mm
- Models that can be done: various cartoon characters, animals, plants.
- All imaginable things can be made with fuse beads.
- Suitable for children over 5 years old.
- Made of environmentally EVA material, completely non-toxic and safe for children.
- Smooth, not rough, and easier to iron.
- Rich styling, bright colors, stimulating your baby's imagination and creativity, and color perception.
- Goods for training hand-eye coordination skills and operational ability of children.
- Increase communication between children and parents, communication between children.
How to use:
1.Align the square template with the reference line and put the corresponding peas into the template
with reference to the pattern.
2.Spread the ironing sheet on the template and heat it evenly in arc with an iron until the beans adhere
to each other.
3.Both sides are ironed and finished.After cooling down,remove the work and flatten it with heavy
objects,which is more beautiful.
4.Add a keychain attachment ring to the work.
5.After the connection ring is added,add the key loop.
6.The cute key pendant is complete.
Package Included:
2 X Box of DIY Fuse Beads Toys (2 x 24 Colors)
More Details:

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