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5cmx5m Kinesiology Elastic Medical Tape Bandage Sports Physio Medical Muscle Ankle Pain Care Support

  • $7.78

Color: Blue,Red,Green,White, Black
Size: 5cmx5m

1. Sports muscle tape is composed of cotton cloth and spandex, pressure sensitive adhesive, widely used in various sports places and clinical departments.
2. After lagging, it can perform slow and deep massage on tight muscles and soft tissues, thereby stimulating circulation and lymphatic flow, soothing pain.
3. At the same time, it can achieve the effect of strengthening support for weaker tissues and joints. The one-piece design allows the athlete to quickly complete the strong tie in a short time before playing, and achieve protection when injured.
4. In addition, its dynamic support function protects the joints in motion, even if the joints are constantly bent and stretched, they have a continuous protective effect.
5. At the same time, he can also increase the strength and elasticity of the muscles, effectively improve the overall athletic performance and explosiveness of the athletes; the high breathability and extremely light materials are not easy to accumulate sweat, and even if you exercise for a long time, you can still maintain the comfort.
6. Exercises to protect joints, muscles, fascia and relieve pain; reduce joint and tendon impact, relieve muscle tension; assist in correcting deformity, muscle contracture, acute or chronic tendon injury, muscle energy therapy.

Package Included:
1×Medical Tape

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