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50PCS Zip Lock White Clear Plastic Packaging Bag Mobile Phone Shell Hang Hole Pouches Seal Package

  • $9.28

Color: White
Size: #1 10*18.5cm(Inner size: 9*15.5cm) Suitable for 4.7 inch mobile phone shell
#2 12*22cm(Inner size: 11*18.5cm) Suitable for 5.5 inch mobile phone shell
Used for: Jewelry bags, daily necessities bags, gift bags, digital packaging, mobile phone packaging bags, general packaging.
1.The product is made of non-woven fabric, it is a new generation of environmental protection materials.
2.It is moisture-proof, breathable, light and non-flammable.
3.It is durable, flexible and reusable.Easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating.
4.Long service life, suitable for any company or any industry as a gift packaging.
5.It can be gravure, hot stamping and silk screen printing.
6.The largest application market is the electronic industry packaging, in addition to decorations, daily necessities, small industrial parts, screws, pliers, play a role in archiving classification.
Package Included:
50pcs x Non-woven Zipper Bags

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