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50pcs U Nuts Fasteners Spire Clips Chimney Nuts Self Tapping Clips Assorted Kit

  • $18.75

50pcs Spire Clips Chimney Nuts U Nuts Fasteners Assorted Kit

Specifications :
Name: 50Pcs U NUT KIT
Material: 304 Stainless steel, 65 manganese steel
Surface treatment: primary color + blue white zinc
Box Dimension: 178x100x23mm

- This kit contains the following sizes and amounts:
M4 x 15 U Nut Clips
M5 x 15 U Nut Clips
M6 x 10 U Nut Clips
M8 x 10 U Nut Clips

- 50 piece assorted U nut kit.
- These parts are know as Chimney nut/Lug nut/speed clip and is used to secure motorcycle fairings, bodywork panels, and many other types of panel.
- The fasteners connected to the car body by plastic decorations have high elasticity, high strength, and high hardness.
- Also known as plywood nuts, they will not fall during the transportation of the supporting parts, and the installation is quick and easy.
- The main role is to strengthen the link between products.

Package included:
1 X Box of U nut kit

 More Details:

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