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500g Sandstone Filter Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Stone Material Bacterial House Nitrifying

  • $19.32

This pack of filter media is ideal for new or heavily populated aquarium to purify water and resist algae growth.

Color: Mixed Color

1.Culture of nitrifying bacteria.
2. Durable and not easily powdered.
3. Stabilize the PH value of fish tank.
4. Purify water and resist algae growth.
5. Scientific mix, makes better filtering effect.
6. For freshwater and marine environment.
7. Reduces stress on fish.
8. Ideal for new or heavily populated aquarium.


1. Use water in the fish tank or removal of chlorine water for cleaning.
2. Because the activated carbon itself has carbon powder, please clean the activated carbon before use.

Package Included:
1 Pack x Filter Media
1 x Filter Net Bag

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