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50 Pcs Dental Dynamic Impression Mixing Tips Fits 3M ESPE Pentamix Type Tools Machine

  • $26.57

Material: Plastic
Color: Red
Size: (L)X(W)4.9X3.2cm /1.93''X1.26''(appr.)
1.Fits for 3M ESPE Pentamix type machine use.
2.Suggested Use Materials:
- Epoxies, Acrylics, Silicones, Polyesters.
- Epoxy Acrylates, Hybrids, Urethanes.
- Polysulfides, foams, Polymers, polyureas.
1.Open the top of the dispenser and then pull the rack to reach the maximum.
2.After fixing the mixing tips on cartridge, put into impression material cartridge, and lock it by the dispenser.
3.Promote the trigger to make the impression material come out smoothly from the cartidge.
4.After using, put the rack back to the original location.
5.Remove the cartridge, then to repeat the above operation.
Package included:
50 Pcs Dental Dynamic Impression

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