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50% Black Car Window Anti-UV Tint Protective Film 6Mx50cm

  • $16.75


40% Black Car Window Anti-UV Tint Protective Film 6Mx50cm

Material: PET
Color: Black
Size: 6m x 50cm (Length * width)
VLT: 50% (Visual Light Transmission)
Heat Rejection: 50%
UV Rejection: 90%
Application: car / bedroom / balcony / kitchen / office / sliding door / warehouse / bathroom, toilet, and other smooth surface.

1. High quality PET material, color uniformity, the surface is very smooth, do not fade, electrostatic adsorption, transparent back film.
2. Window films can protect vehicle, insulation, explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet, supply you with a more comfortable, more secure enviroment, and improved daytime privacy.
3. It protects your room from Strong sunlight, reduces 60% solar radiation in summer, keeps the heat in winter, saving electric charge.
4. 90% Anti-UV, no harm for human body, avoid floor,furniture,curtain ageing and faded.
5. This no-glue(no adhesive) window film by the electrostatic to stickers on the glass,it is easy to stick on and tear down.

Package included:
1x Car Window Film

More Details:

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