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5 Wires 2.5 Square Cable Wire Twisting Connector Power Drill Driver Twist Tool

  • $9.28


Universal Cable Line Wire Twisting Tool Stripper Twist Connector for Power Drill Drivers.


1. Made from high quality metal for good performance and high-precision quality.

2. A combination of insulating tape peeler and wire twisting tool: Spontaneously peel off the insulating coat of wires before twisting them.

3. The wire twisting tool can be attached to power drill and functions easily and effectively with simple steps.

4. The wire connector tool with hex shank can be attached to impact driver and power drill for easy operation, helps alleviate repetitive motion injuries.

5. Improve your efficiency and make your work easier by saving you from repetitive works of wire twisting and striping. Prevent sore fingers and cramping hands.



Wire Connector




2.5 square/4 square(UNIVERSAL)


4 holes



Twisting Wire Quantity

2-4 wires




Step 1: Fix the liner to the drill, and arrange the lines to be aligned.

Step 2: Insert the wires into the corresponding slot at a time.

Step 3: Clamp the wire firmly near the liner by a vise or needle-nosed pliers.

Step 4: When starting the electric drill, press a little force forward, when the drill is not moved for one second, then slowly pull it out.

Important Note:

Always turn off breakers before working on electrical systems.

Package Included:

1 X

Universal Wire Connector

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