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5 Inch Cotton Cloth Strainer Filter Thai Tea Sock Strainer Traditional Infuser Coffee Milk Making

  • $10.77

Material: Stainless Steel Handle Ring, Cotton Cloth Strainer
Color: White
Holder Length: 13cm / 5.1"
Diameter: 13cm / 5.1"
Sock Length: 24.5cm / 9.6"
● Natural cotton.
● Cloth bag with zipper design, removable, easy to use and easy to wash.
● Can save you money on paper coffee filters.
● Reusable for many months, environment friendly.
● Have great home brewed coffee or tea without expensive and bulky coffee machines.
● Pores of cloth can catch all tea leaves, better than stainless steel strainer.
● Provides a smooth, rich, strong cup of coffee without gritty grounds.
Package Included:
1 x Cotton Cloth Strainer Filter
More Details:

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