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480Pcs M2 M3 M4 Hex Socket Button Head Screw Nut 304 Stainless Steel Assortment

  • $31.70

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Screw Drive Style: Hex Socket
Screw Head Type: Button Head
- Strong anti-oxidation ability, corrosion resistance.
- These screws and nuts will be great replacement for industrial and construction fasteners.
- Ideal for use as fixing component, industrial and construction fasteners where you need hex socket button head screws.
- Can be used in home and office appliance, machinery, furniture, repair, inventions and other projects.
Package Included:
Item Length Quantity
M2 Screws 20mm 20Pcs
M2 Screws 16mm 20Pcs
M2 Screws 12mm 20Pcs
M2 Screws 8mm 20Pcs
M2 Nuts / 80Pcs
M3 Screws 20mm 20Pcs
M3 Screws 16mm 20Pcs
M3 Screws 12mm 20Pcs
M3 Screws 8mm 20Pcs
M3 Nuts / 80Pcs
M4 Screws 20mm 20Pcs
M4 Screws 16mm 20Pcs
M4 Screws 12mm 20Pcs
M4 Screws 8mm 20Pcs
M4 Nuts / 80Pcs
Total Quantity / 480Pcs

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