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4 Inch/7 Inch Bubble Magus Aquarium Fish Tank Sump Micron Felt Pre Filter Sock Bag Bracket Holder

  • $30.06

Name: Bubble Magus Sump Filter Socks + Holder Set
Filter Socks: 150 Micron
Color: White
Material: Cotton + Filter fiber
Size: 4" inch filter sock + 4" Holder, 7" inch filter sock + 7" Holder (Optional)
- Openings make with durable nylon hard rings.
- Suitable for purification of planted aquarium tank , sea water tank aquaculture and ornamental fish tank.
- Able to keep impurities and microorganisms trapped in the filter bag.
- High density of interspace.
- 150 Micron filter to improve water quality.
- Excellent breathability.
- Long ttime use of filter bag fiber will not fall off, after cleaning can be repeated use.
Suitable for:
- 150 MICRONS Filter bag was suitable for a variety of fish tanks, improved type more rough.
- Filter bag with a filtering precision of 150 microns is more suitable for the coral aquarium, and the diameter of the filter particles is smaller, so the fish tank is kept clear and bright for a long time.
- Filter bag with a filter precision of 150 microns, more suitable for most sea or freshwater fish tanks to minimize the floating in the fish tank and reduce the burden of the biochemical system.
Packing Included:
1 x Filter sock + Holder

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