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3Pcs Stainless Steel Nail Cuticle Spoon Pusher Remover Cutter Nipper Clipper Manicure Set

  • $7.78

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Sliver

Nipper Size: Approx. 9.1cm x 5.8cm
Long Cuticle Pushers Size: Approx. 13cm x 0.9cm
Short Cuticle Pushers Size: Approx. 12cm x 0.7cm


a.This set is ideal for keeping nails looking in great condition. The stainless Steel clippers are perfect for cutting the lowest of nails with ease and comes complete with two cuticle pushers/removers.
b.For Professional or Home use. Designed for cutting Fine edges, Perfectly aligned tips cut from base to tip
c.Free lifetime sharpening
d.Push back cuticle and trim dead skin around the nail. Smooth and easy cutting action Suitable for use with fingernails or toenails, nail decoration preparation, also can be used with Acrylic Nails
e.A free holder is included.For Nail and Toe Nail Us.

Package Included

2 x Nail Cuticle Pushers
1 x Nail Cuticle Nipper

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