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32MM Gear Buckle Tattoo Machine Aluminum Alloy Handle Grips Tubes Magnum Flat Mandrel Tools Kit

  • $25.85

Material:Aluminum Alloy
Package Size:approx.120*80*40mm (L*W*H)
Mandrel Length:approx.85mm,95mm
Adjustable needle length: 4mm
Weight:about 160g
1. Easy to clean and fully autoclavable.
2. Universal handle a needle, black, blue, red color options
3. It can send beautiful eyebrow tattoo machine a professional gift.
4. It is comfortable for you to use the non-slip, light-weight, professional tattoo machine grips
5. The handle can be fitted on the coil, motor machine, needles Cheyenne advantages of professional experience,can also be eyebrow tattoos.
6. Adjustable range of needle depth: 4mm.
7. Suitable for locking short needle machine.
8. The internal essence is 3mm in diameter, the gap is small and dense, the sound is light.
Package Included:
1 Pcs x Tattoo Machine Handle Grips
2 Pcs x Mandrel
1 Pcs x Box

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