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30ML 515W Glue White Special Maintenance for Horn Foam Speaker

  • $8.03

30ML 515W White Glue can adhesive horn foam edge and basin, also suitable for the dust cap.


Material Methylbenzene
Appearance white emulsion
Specific gravity 1
Solid components 50+-5%
Water absorption 7%
Elongation 400%
Minimum film forming temperature 5C
Contact drying time (25 degrees) 20 minutes
Shelf life 6 months
Size(Height x Dia.) 16.5 x 5cm
Viscosity 8000~18000cps/25c

Adhesive horn foam edge and basin, also suitable for the dust cap

Package Included:
1 x 30ml 515W white glue

1. Strong stickiness,
2. Soft and transparent film
3. High wear resistance and weather resistance
4. No corrosion to the foam

1. Using distilled water or pure water dilution
2. Keep good ventilation in the workplace
3. Don't put glue to touch the skin, if touch the skin, please wash with soap and water
4. The glue should be place in 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ environment

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