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300Pcs Garden Luminous Stones Glow In Dark Decorative Pebbles Outdoor Fish Tank Decoration

  • $26.17

Material: PS
Color: Royal Blue/Green
Size: About 2.4*2*0.5cm

1.After being exposed under the sunlight or put stones under strong light (lamplight) for several hours, Tvird glow stones can glow approximately 3 hours in the dark. More hours of absorbing sunlight and stronger the light, the brighter the stones
2.Tvird glow in the dark pebbles can absorb sunlight and lamplight repeatedly with ultra long life span up to 15 years
3.Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive, high polished with no sharp corners, safe for decorating garden and fish tank
4.Ideal for decorating plant plots,garden walkway and paths, fish tank, succulents,yard, glass vases,landscaping, swimming pool as well as borders and flower beds. Recommend multiple packs with different color for large area

Package Included:
300pcs x Glow Stones

More Details:

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