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3 Inch Tri Clamp Clover 304 Stainless Steel Single Pin Sanitary Clamp 91mm Ferrule

  • $16.21

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Tri Clamp Type: Single Pin
Tri Clamp Size: 3"
Ferrule Size: 91mm
Connection: Clamping

1. Sanitary grade 3" tri clamp, fits 91mm ferrule.
2. Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, this tri clamps are available with single hinge for light duty use.
3. They are designed to hold the ferrule ends firmly together to create a leak-tight seal and are polished throughout.
4. Sanitary fittings are used in the food, beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary process industries to transport fluids through pipe lines and are available in a range of materials, finishes, and shapes.

Package Included:
1 × Tri Clamp Clover (Weld Ferrule Not Included)

More Details:

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