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3 in 1 Aquarium Fish Tank Plant Air CO2 Ceramic Diffuser Bubble Counter Check Valve

  • $16.23

Material: Plastic
Color: White
#1: Standard S
#2: Standard L
#3: V-Shape S
#4: V-Shape L
Standard S Size: 1.5cm diameter, 5cm high
Standard L Size: 2.5cm diameter, 6cm high
V-Shape S Size: 2.6cm diameter, 3.6cm high
V-Shape L Size: 2.6cm diameter, 5cm high
* Elegant appearance. Easy to maintain.
* Compact in size and easy in installation.
* Ensures an optimal dissolution of CO2 in water.
* Difuses CO₂ in inumerous bubbles through fine ceramic chip.
* Functions of CO₂ bubble counter, check valve and diffuser in one unit.
* Prior to use, fill up the chamber with water through the hole for suction cup attachment.
* After certain period of use, clogging of the ceramic may occur. To clear the clogging, simply soak the ceramic in bleach water for three to five minutes.
Package Included:
1 x CO2 Diffuser
(Standard shape with one sucker, V shape with two suckers)

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