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3 Cap Shower Head Nozzle Anal Vaginal Douche Health Cleaner Unisex Colonic Enema

  • $19.74

Type: Shower Head Nozzle Enema
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Silver
1. 3 nozzles are designed to deep clean private area in bathroom.
2. Ideally for personal deep wash.
3. Connect this shower head with pipe, maintain a steady spray of water.
4. Unisex Anal & Vaginal Cleaner is Design for maximum cleanliness. Must be accessory in your bath.
5. Cleans away bacteria and reduces the risk of infections.
6. Help maintain a healthy sex life, reduces risk of infections.Insert and open the Water taps gently to maintain a steady stream of water.
Package Included:
1x Shower Head Nozzle Enema
3x Nozzles
(Only comes with the shower head, does not include the connecting hose )

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