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3/4/5/6 Tier Clear Acrylic Sheet Cupcake Stand Display Tower Wedding Birthday

  • $28.37

Product name: Cupcake Stand
Material: Acrylic
Color: Transparent
Cake Stand Type: 3 Tier, 4 Tier, 5 Tier, 6 Tier
-Acrylic, also known as PMMA or acrylic, from the English acrylic (acrylic plastic). Has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy processing, beautiful appearance, in the construction industry has a wide range of applications.
-With crystal-like transparency, light transmittance of 92% or more, soft light, visual clarity.
-Has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature performance.
-Acrylic cake rack, widely used for personal birthday party, birthday, celebrations, banquets, marriage, graduation ceremony. Used to display merchandise, play a very good decorative effect.
-How to clean:
-With cotton cloth dipped in warm water can be wiped, the fabric surface can not be rough, easy to scratch the surface, the water temperature can not be too high, easy to damage the disc. Household detergents can also be used for cleaning.
-How to save:
-After the best use of each layer wrap with plastic wrap separately, or every two layers of the middle of electric cotton cloth, wipe clean the screw, into the carton sealed, so hygienic and difficult to damage.
-Not the sun for a long time exposure, easy to yellow, and may be deformed, acrylic plastic products, after all, under normal circumstances this rarely occurs, please know.
Package Included:
1x Acrylic Cupcake Stand

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