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2pcs Stainless Steel Sliding Wooden Door Closet Track Pulley Hanging 12 Wheel

  • $33.20

Material:Stainless Steel
Dimension:Please see the picture
12 Silent Wheels
Compatible for wooden sliding doors of home and office etc.

1.Drilling holes
2.Hanging wheels:install hanging wheel into hanging rail and install the limitator on both ends of the rail.According to the door height,adjust the screws of the wheel
3.Fixed the rail
4.Slotting:Install the inserting piece on the both ends of door,use screws to
fixed with door.Open a down guiding groove of the bottom of door
5.Limit wheel:Put down guiding wheel install on the floor
6.Finish installation:Put the hanging wheels inserting piece into the inserting slot on the door top and fixed it with screws.Put the down guiding wheel to the guiding groove of the door bottom.

Package Included:
2pcs Wooden Door Closet Track Pulley

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