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2Pcs 38.5x200cm 3D Door Wallpaper Sticker Mural Scene Self Adhesive Decor Decal

  • $30.21

1. Thicken, waterproof highlighting, easy cleaning, self-adhesive, peel and sticky, easy to operate.
2. The product itself consists of 2 stickers, and the size is 38.5*200cm.
3. High quality waterproof ink and UV protective coating, so that the product can have a long life.
4. Do not need any glue, with adhesive bottom cloth, can be attached to the wall simply.
5. Decals can be applied to all smooth surfaces, such as walls, windows, tiles, mirrors and doors.





38.5*200cm/1.26*6.56 ft X 2

Finished product size

77*200cm/2.52*6.56 ft




Anti Moth, Anti Mildew, Anti Fouling, Decoration, Moisture-proof


Cliff Town / Seaside Aisle / Sea Sailing / Liqueur Cabinet / White Horse / Cliff Suspension Bridge

1.Remove the handle.
2.Clean the surface well.
3.Tape artwork to the door.
4.Slowly start peeling the back sheet downwards.
5.Peel and stick all the way.
6.Remove any air bubbles using a plastic squeegee.
7.Reposition if needed.
8.Enjoy your space.

1.What you have received is two pictures, you need to use your own DIY as an effect diagram.
2. The product is only suitable for smooth surface, such as glass, metal and dust-free wall.
3. It is not suitable for the surface of the fabric, uneven or too much dust of the wall

Package Included:

2 X

Door Stickers

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