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2Pcs 3-Position Hinge Adjustable Mechanism Angle for Sofa Bed Bedding Furniture

  • $36.19

3-Position Adjustable Mechanism Angle Hinge is suitable for Sofa Bed Bedding Furniture.

Material: hot-rolled steel
Color : Black
Material thickness: 2.3mm
Surface: electroplating zinc
Size:230*70 mm

1. Functions: for the sofa back and sitting back of the connection, adjustable the height of sofa back
2. Suitable for connecting armrest and seat, backrest and seat, pillow and backrest, armrest and backrest,
bed frame and bed.Through the gear operation, change the handrail, side, pillow, seat and bed between
the angle adjustment,
3. Easy Installation, the use of gear opening and closing position card design, multi-angle, multi-range.

Package Included:
2 x Hinge (Screws are not included)

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