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25Pcs Greenhouse 4 way A rrow Drip 8L Dripper Emitter Garden Micro Drip Irrigation Sprinkler System Steady Flow Device

  • $32.00

Working Pressure: 0.8-1kg
Consumption: 8L / h
Packing: 25 pcs
1. High-quality materials: Made of the most advanced materials and achieve very high durability. Irrigation drippers Widely used in greenhouses, gardens, flower and vegetable greenhouses, agriculture, lawn, villa, industrial irrigation!
2. Easy to setup and use: Connect adaptor in seconds to start watering instantly without other auxiliary power equipment. Easy Hose Connection.Saves up to 70% more water over traditional spray heads, making your system great for saving water in drought conditions.
3. This paragraph dropping a rrows maze, long flow path, a rrow handle structure.
4. Effective pressure, dripping precise uniform.
5. infiltration irrigation, water along the plunger, to avoid soil erosion or matrix.
6. Suitable for small and medium-sized pots, trees, trees, fruit trees, Bridge planters, flower pots and other home gardening.
7. Easy to install, anti-blocking, long service life;
Package Included:
25 x Drip Irrigation Kits

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