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220V Electric LiveStock Tail Cutter Dog Pig Puppy Sheep Handheld Tail Cutting Tool Stainless Steel

  • $28.71

Name: 150W 220V Electric LiveStock Tail Cutter
Cutter head: Stainless steel
Size: approx.21cm
Cable length: approx.1.4M
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 150 W
Application: Can be used to dock/cut tails or sever umbilical cords (At Birth) of LiveStock,like dog pig puppy sheep etc.
- Mounted Heating Element (Mounted Onto Hot Blade).
- Mounted Latch To Lock And Secure Cutting Blades Closed When Not In Use.
- Stainless Steel Blade Eliminates Possibility Of Rust Build-Up.
- 1.4 Meter Cord For Ease Of Motion, While In Use.
- Cuts And Cauterizes.
- Cuts With Ease And Precision.
- Hot Blade Cauterizes Docking Area To Stop Bleeding And Reduce Possibility Of Infection.
Package Included:
1 x Electric LiveStock Tail Cutter

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