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20g Light Grey Micron Diamond Polishing Paste Lapping Griding Paste

  • $9.72

1Bottle 20Grams 1.0 micron Diamond Polishing Lapping Griding Paste (Light Grey)
Material: Cubic boron nitride) CBN powder (Main)
Color: Light Grey
Dissolubility: Oil
Micron: 1.0
Bottle: 20 grams
1.It is finely formulated with diamond/(cubic boron nitride) CBN powder and other raw materials. It is an ideal abrasive paste for grinding and polishing.
2.It has good lubrication and cooling performance, in which diamond/(cubic boron nitride) CBN particles have high hardness and good uniform grinding effect.
3.This product is suitable for the processing of measuring tools, cutting tools, optical instruments and other high-gloss workpieces made of high-hardness materials such as glass, ceramics, hard alloys, natural diamonds and precious stones.
1. Select the appropriate grinding device and abrasive paste according to the material and processing requirements of the workpiece. Commonly used grinders are blocks and plates made of materials such as glass, cast iron, steel, aluminum, and plexiglass. Water-soluble abrasive pastes are used as a diluent with water or glycerin; oil-soluble abrasive pastes use kerosene as a diluent.
2. CBN grinding is a kind of precision processing. The environment and tools are required to be clean and clean during processing. The tools used are required for each particle size and must not be mixed.
3. Care must be taken to clean the workpiece before changing to different sizes of abrasive paste during processing to prevent the coarse particles from the previous process from being mixed into the fine-grained abrasive paste to scratch the workpiece.
4 When using, squeeze a small amount of abrasive paste into the container or directly squeeze it on the grinding device, and dilute with water, glycerin or kerosene. The ratio of the water paste is 1:1. It can also be adjusted according to the use of the site. The finest particles only need to be added. A small amount of water is added to the glycerin in an appropriate amount as the particle size is increased.
5. After the grinding is completed, the workpiece should be cleaned with gasoline, kerosene or water.
Package Included:
1 x Diamond Polishing Paste
More Details:

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