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1Pair 35cm Outdoor Camping Arm Sleeves Stainless Steel Wire Safety Work Anti-Slash Cut Static Resistance Protective Arm Sleeves

  • $10.19

Product name Arm cuff
Material Lun fiber + stainless steel wire
Color Black
Length Approx. 35cm/13.7inchWidth: Approx. 10.5cm/4.13inch
Quantity 2Pcs
Weight 145g

-Outdoor arm cuff.
-Used to protect the arm is not cut, anti-knive cut, anti-glass and other scratches.
-Performance is more excellent, higher protection.
-Is a
defendof the top grade, you can with anti-jelly, anti-cutting gloves used together.
-In the multi strand wire on the basis of blended Kevlars. Kevlars is used to make body armor material, strength, soft, not easy to cut short. So when the knive cut down, if the steel broken, there Kefu La line protection, that is, an additional layer of insurance.

Package Include:
2x Outdoor Arm Cuffs

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