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170Pcs Rubber Sealing Ring Black Grommets Gasket Assortment Kit O Ring With Plastic Box

  • $16.14

Color: Black
Application: Cylinder, valve, pump, electrical appliance, chemical pipe, spray, water pipe, decoration, etc
Weight: approx. 277g
* 170 pcs rubber grommet in 7 sizes.
* Convenient and re-sealable.
* The sealing ring is made ​​of superior rubber.
* Variety of thickness and size are all in one box, very convenient to use.
* Heat-resisting, mineral oil-resisting, wear-resisting.
* Suitable for pipes, hydraulic, air, gas, and many other industrial applications.
Package Included:
50 pcs. 7.14 mm
40 pcs. 9.53 mm
30 pcs. 12.07 mm
20 pcs. 15.88 mm
10 pcs. 19.05 mm
10 pcs. 22.23 mm
10 pcs. 25.40 mm
Total: 170 pcs rubber grommet

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