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16FT Grass Edging Fence Border Garden Lawn Stone Isolation Path Landscape Decorations

  • $33.20

Material: PE
Color: Green
Width: 10cm
Length: 5m


1. Weatherproof, reusable.
2. Green belt, reduction of grass color, modeling is not abrupt.
3. Neatly dividing gravel, lawn, flowers, beautifying the garden.
4. Separate different plants for better growth and development.
5. High toughness, foldable at will, high degree of freedom in design.
6. Simple and convenient operation, remarkable effect of grass and stone isolation.
7. Environmentally friendly PE material, non-toxic and tasteless, corrosion-resistant, cold-resistant and heat-resistant, durable.

Application field:
1. Planning of the home yard/villa garden/community garden landscape;
2. Planning of the green belt of the park square/road;
3. Greening construction of leisure environment such as resort villa/tourist area

1. Set the isolation belt, fill the both sides with soil
2. Ditch according to the desired shape, place the isolation belt in it, and put the soil back.

Keep the end with tube outside.The buckle provided can get the both ends fixed.

Package Included:
Package included:
1 X Lawn Border Edging

More Detail:

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