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13Pcs Super Bright Glow in the Dark Powder Fluorescent Pigment Strontium Aluminate

  • $19.74

Material: Polypropylene(PP)
Net Weight: 10g Each Piece
Color: 13 Colors
- High quality storage luminous products, lcan absorb a variety of light source, the sun, lighting or other light source.
- Absorptive capacity is strong, and can be recycled, nonpoisonous and harmless, no radioactive elements.
- Shore light storage time, high brightness, light a long time.Under the sun or a lamp irradiation for 10 minutes, get the darkness will glow.
- It can be used to make paint with most mediums water or solvent based, for all kinds of arts or crafts projects, or just to play with in a dark room (my favorite use), one of these vials of granular green will make enough light to navigate a room if your eyes are tuned to darkness.
- Can be used to paint,stir the paint before every use, or use thickeners.
Package Included:
13 x Fluorescent Pigment Powders (13 Different Colors)

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