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136.1Hz Yoga Tuning Fork With Belt Cover And Hammer Meditation Nerve Practice Tools

  • $25.53

Frequency: OM136.1
Material: Aluminium Alloy, Silicone, Wood
- Belong to low frequency tuning fork. Sound SHEN, gentle exploration into the deep sea or the sky as deep quiet.
- OM corresponding chakra is the heart chakra. Its vibration frequency and location of the heart chakra, two points Ren and dovetail points of the vibration frequency of the same, after knocking vibration when used in contact with the heart chakra location , you can feel the resonance.
- For use in energy decline, feeling weak, uneasy, or the need to eliminate stress.reduce pain, to concentrate, purify body and mind and energy to improve the time, but also for conducting careful meditation or yoga before use.
Package Included:
1 x OM136.1 Frequency Tuning Fork
1 x Striking Mallet
1 x Black Bag
1 x Triangular Silicone Module

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