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12cm Ceiling Anchor Wall Mount Bracket For Suspension Yoga Swings Props Straps

  • $31.49


12cm Ceiling Anchor Wall Mount Bracket For Suspension Yoga Swings Props Straps

Material: Iron and Steel
Color: Gray
Sizes: As the picture shows

-With your premium wall / ceiling mount, you can use suspension straps & resistance bands for strength workouts, weight training yoga straps & more anywhere in your home.
-This rugged mount safely supports up to 250kgs,Yet it costs far less than devices of comparable quality like the TRX X mount.
-Secure this versatile mount anywhere in your home, to wall OR ceiling joists.
Then use it with your favorite suspension straps or bands to ramp up your fitness routine.
Great alternative to expensive gym memberships!

-Perfect for a Range of Activities:
*With your Fitting Shape mount, you can reach all the angles that help you build strength & mobility.
*It's like having your own home gym - ideal for everything from suspension workout training to Cross
*Fit to yoga & pilates, even use this handy mount to install a hammock!

-Each Fitting Shape Wall / Ceiling Mount Offers:
*Super-strong stainless-steel construction, designed to last
*Welded handles for securely attaching suspension straps, resistance bands, yoga slings, battle ropes, etc.
*2 sets of screws: one for attaching to wood, one for anchoring to concrete joists (your choice)

Package includes:

1 x Welding handle
2 x Screws (For attaching to wood)
2 x Screws (For anchoring to concrete joists)

More Details:

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