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1200Pcs Assorted M2 M3 M4 Stainless Steel Screws & Socket Bolts and Nuts Set

  • $36.19


- 304 Stainless steel with rust resistant galvanized finish.

- Perfect for electrical connections on household and commercial appliances, automotive and marine uses in which the power source has a threaded/bolt-type connection.

- Convenient to storage and carry.

- Durable and practical.


Name: 1200Pcs Screw Nuts Kit

Model: F49415

Material: 12.9 Grade alloy steel

Color: Black

Screw type: Socket cap head screw

Sizes: M2 M3 M4

Quantity: 1200Pcs

Package Included:

20pcs x M2 * 6 Screws

20pcs x M2 * 8 Screws

20pcs x M2 * 10 Screws

20pcs x M2 * 12 Screws

20pcs x M2 * 16 Screws

20pcs x M2 * 20 Screws

120pcs x M2 Nuts

160pcs x M2 Washers

20pcs x M3 * 6 Screws

20pcs x M3 * 10 Screws

20pcs x M3 * 12 Screws

20pcs x M3 * 16 Screws

20pcs x M3 * 20 Screws

20pcs x M3 * 30 Screws

120pcs x M3 Nuts

160pcs x M3 Washers

20pcs x M4 * 6 Screws

20pcs x M4 * 10 Screws

20pcs x M4 * 12 Screws

20pcs x M4 * 16 Screws

20pcs x M4 * 20 Screws

20pcs x M4 * 30 Screws

120pcs x M4 Nuts

160pcs x M4 Washers

Detail Pictures:

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