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11 Inch Copper Shower Extension Arm Connecting Rod Adjustable Elbow Shower Rotating Arm Bracket

  • $25.66

Material: Copper
Total Length: 11 Inch
Height Adjustable: Yes
1. Thick structural arm ensures durability and long life use. It is not bent easily during using. Chrome finish resists tarnish and corrosion.
2. High-gloss silver appearance is beautiful, noble when you install it on the wall. It does damage your wall so you can use comfortably.
3. It is used to replace your old and defective shower arm easily and efficiently.
4. The two internal gears are constructed with key points on both sides to increase the pressure and reduce the wear during continuous adjustment of the angle during use.
2. Activity nut: When installing the top spray, there is no need to rotate the entire pole.
3. Thick copper, integrated molding, bilaterally increase the rotating handle.
Package Included:
1 x Shower Extension Arm

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