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10M Drip Irrigation Kit Garden Misting Cooling System 32.8ft Blank Distribution Tubing Hose for Garden Greenhouse Flower Bed Patio Lawn

  • $34.39

FLOW RATE OF EACH MISTER: 6.7-7 L/Hour, Max Spray Diameter: 0.3m. Up To 65 Percent Water Savings Compared To Manual Watering Drip Irrigation Kits Can Cover Up To a Large Square Foot So You Can Set Up a Drip System That Will
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Plants Drip Irrigation System Can Save Up To 65% In Water Savings. Precision Watering System Delivers Just The Right Amount Of Water Slowly And Precisely Right Where Your Plant Needs It
CONVENIENCE: Water Your Plants Every Day Automatically (Need a Timer Not Included) When You Are On a Business Trip Or During Your Travel. The Perfect Mister For Outdoor, It Will Decrease Your Patio Temperature Up To 20°F. Cooling And Humidifier Function Bring You a Cool Summer And a More Healthy Life
❀Leak-proof: The finished connection is durable, leak-resistant and stays in place season after season. You dont have to worry about getting wet unscrewing your hose or accessory any longer.
❀Easy to Assembly: This patio misting system can be assembled and having you enjoying your backyard in just minutes. It will attach to any standard outdoor faucet(3/4 inch). No special tools are required.
❀Turn Down the Heat: The fantastic outdoor cooling system provides a cool environment from the heat for your favorite outdoor areas. cooling and humidifier function bring you a cool summer and a more healthy life.
❀High Quality: Constructed of highly durable UV and chemical-resistant materials to assure long life. Great for patio, garden, lawn, greenhouse ,swimming pool misting fog cooling, humidification, balcony cooling.
Connection Method :
1. Connect with the faucet: There are three models of faucet connector, you can choose according to your faucet. Of the three, one is adjustable, which suits all faucets. The interface of the fitting is rubber and offers good flexibility. In addition, a ring surrounding the interface adjusts the seal and can be rotated to adjust the interface seal to connect to different valve sizes.
2. Cut the pipe as needed: You can cut the pipe to the desired length. Before connecting the hose and hose, allow them to soften well with hot water to facilitate connection.
Package Included:
1x Threaded Faucet Connector
1x Universal Faucet Connector
1x 8/11 Tubing Quick Connector
1x 10M 8/11 PE Tubing
10x Tee Connector
15x Misting Nozzle
10x Nylon Cable Ties
1x Ending Connector
1x Teflon Tape
1x Instruction

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