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1080PCS/500PCS Stainless Steel Screw Socket Nut Round Head M2 M3 M4 M5 Kit Set

  • $25.72


1. Strong anti-oxidation ability, corrosion resistance.

2. Not easy to rust.

3. Used widely in the home and office appliance, communication equipment, ship assembly and other machinery industry.


Name: M2 M3 M4 M5 Screw & Nut Kit

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Type: M2 M3 M4

Quantity: 500PCS/1080PCS

Package Included:

【#500 PCS Kit】

M3 X 8 30PCS

M3 X 12 30PCS

M3 X 16 30PCS

M3 X 20 30PCS

M3 Nuts 120PCS

M4 X 8 20PCS

M4 X 12 20PCS

M4 X 16 20PCS

M4 X 20 20PCS

M4 Nuts 80PCS

M5 X 8 15PCS

M5 X 12 15PCS

M5 X 16 10PCS

M5 X 20 10PCS

M5 Nuts 50PCS

【#1080 PCS Kit】

M2*4 20PCS

M2*6 20PCS

M2*8 20PCS

M2*12 20PCS

M2*16 20PCS

M2*20 20PCS

M2Nuts 120PCS

M2 Washers 120PCS

M3*4 20PCS

M3*8 20PCS

M3*12 20PCS

M3*16 20PCS

M3*20 20PCS

M3*30 20PCS

M3 Nuts 120PCS

M3 Washers 120PCS

M4*6 20PCS

M4*10 20PCS

M4*14 20PCS

M4*18 20PCS

M4*20 20PCS

M4*30 20PCS

M4 Nuts 120PCS

M4 Washers 120PCS

Detail Pictures:

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