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100x1002cm Square Insulation Reduce Noise Sponge Foam Cotton

  • $27.92

100x100×2cm Square Insulation Reduce Noise Sponge Foam Cotton


2.Material: NBR(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber),PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride)
3.Size: 100cmx100cm
4.Thickness: 2cm

-Suitable for sound recording studio, listening room, home theater, KTV, and all kinds of public places.
-The sponge is the ideal sound insulation, sound-absorbing, heat insulation material
-Sound-absorbing sponge is on the basis of sponge for further processing, acoustic inside the spongeand reflection of the increase in the number so as to achieve the noise, sound-absorbing effect.

Package Included:
Insulation Reduce Noise Sponge

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