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100Pcs/Set 7/9/11/12.5/15/18cm Qualitative Filter Paper Circular Funnel Filter Sheet Slow Speed 10-15um

  • $9.28

This 100Pcs/Set slow speed qualitative filter paper are used when you are generally concerned about what is left on the filter. Qualitative filters are used for both collecting a precipitate or solid and removing unwanted substance from your filtrate that passes through the filter, but not as concerned about the quantity of substance that remains on the filter.


Material: Cotton Fiber
Filter Type: Qualitative Filter
Filter Speed: Slow Speed (70-140s)
Max. Aperture Diameter: 10-15um
Ash Content: 0.15%
Quantity: 100Pcs/Set
Size: (Filter Diameter)
#1: 7cm
#2: 9cm
#3: 11cm
#4: 12.5cm
#5: 15cm
#6: 18cm

1. 100Pcs/Set qualitative filter paper, slow speed.
2. With numerous small holes on its surface made from cotton fiber, it only allows liquid particles to pass through while solid materials with large volume not.
3. Light weight, convenient to use and carry, accurate testing.
4. It requires more filtration time than filter paper with fast and medium speed.
5. It covers a wide range of laboratory applications, which is frequently used for clarifying liquids.
6. It is widely used in education for teaching simple qualitative analytical separations.
7. It’s accessible to test the engine oil whether it goes bad or others or not when there is something wrong with your driving. With qualitative filter paper with slow speed, you will spend 24 hours on it.

1. Fold in half twice into 90°circular corner shape.
2. Open the folded filter paper in the funnel shape which are three layers in one side and one layer in other side.
3. Fill the folded filter paper into the funnel, paying attention that the edge of the filter paper should be lower than the funnel edge. And then some clear water should be put into the funnel so that the wet filter paper and the inner wall of the funnel are attached.

You are supposed to make a distinction between quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper and choose the proper one according to your requirement.
1.The quantitative filter paperis used for gravimetric analysis or filtration where the precipitate is to be recovered, for example from a Buchner funnel filtration under vacuum.
The amount of ash produced after ashing does not exceed 0.0009%.
2.Thequalitativefilter paperis used for qualitative techniques to identify materials. They do not offer the same level of precipitate recovery as quantitative filter paper.
The amount of ash produced after ashing does not exceed 0.13%.

Package Included:
1 x 100Pcs/Set Qualitative Filter Paper

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